Moving the present, past, and future, with soulful bluesy bass music.

An ancient soul, on a musical journey through time. In this current life Blue Future was born and raised in Chicagoland, finding music at a young age, listening to his first Beatles CDs over and over and over again. He soon found that when listening to the radio, he could feel what was about to happen in a song before it happened. His sense of music and rhythm had been discovered.

One fateful day B.B. King, the king of the blues, was on tour and happened to be playing a show in Blue Future’s home town, and for some reason, even though he was young, his mother bought him tickets to the show, because she “felt like there was a reason he was supposed to go see it”.

And of course, He left that show newly obsessed with playing blues guitar. Immediately wanting to start a band, he recruited some friends, and then went to the closest pawn shop and bought his first electric guitar. But he was the only person in the group that actually went out and bought themselves an instrument, so he started teaching himself.

In the same downtown, only a stones thrown away from where B.B. King had played, along the river and right next to the railroad tracks, lived a man named Music Man George. Music Man George was an old blues man from the Mississippi delta, who was in the first black band to ever come through town years and years ago. He had learned to play guitar from his brother, who had learned from watching Robert Johnson himself.

Blue Future began taking lessons from Music Man George, and soon George became his mentor. For a long time they spent evenings together playing guitar and learning music as the sun set and trains passed through the back yard. Until one day, George siad “I don’t think I can teach you anything else. You need to go off and start your own journey.” Blue Future wanted to stay and keep seeing George, but George insisted. So he had to go find his own path.

He played guitar on the street for spare change, started numerous groups, a folk band with some friends, another folk band with more friends, did acoustic guitar gangster rap cover songs, again on the streets for spare change with friends, started an acid rock band with yet more friends, all the while listening to early Pretty Lights music and becoming obsessed.

Then in 2011, he found himself at the world’s first Electric Forest, which inspired him so much, that he dedicated his life to learning electronic music. He has since created his own style combining influences such as Pretty Lights, GRiZ, Wakaan, Break Science, and others, with his own bluesy background and soulful sampling.

Blue Future now has multiple albums, over a hundred total song releases, and is currently working on multiple new EPs and two new full length albums.