Jack Pharaoh aka Raffi Zaki Norberg originally was a professional bassist. Starting at the age of 16 he played in various psychedelic metal bands and other rock based genres. Eventually performing in a semi-successful reggae band which brought him the opportunities such as performing with the bassist from sublime and other famous Long Beach musicians. His bass guitar career ended one night from severing his thumb by trying to open a bottle. During the 4 month recovery in which he could not use his hand to play bass or guitar/drums, he felt frustrated in his ability to express his musical desire. Thus, Raffi began to experiment making music with a computer and DJing. JP’s career proved to be a successful one with such highlights as opening for RZA from Wu-Tang Clan, John Mayer, Thriftworks, Kid Ink, Groundislava, performing with Pato Banton, performing at ConCon 2014, YouCon 2014, NAMM 2013-16 various booths for several companies, NAMM center stage 2015, the very first stage at The base of the Man curated by BMORG at Burning Man, dozens of desert/forest festivals a year, and much much more. Also Jack Pharaoh has reprogrammed/hacked many video game controllers and other technologies to create music live. He has even taught children at schools and conducted seminars on these topics. Jack Pharaoh continues to pursue the magic of making music through technology and bringing live performance to the stage to show that DJing and electronic music is not just pressing play.